A group of New Times writers, and friends and accomplices of New Times writers, decided to play a creative game with lotería cards. Ryan Miller had a deck of cards, which pretty much went everywhere with him, and anyone who wanted to play went to him for a card. He would draw from the deck at random, and whatever card you received became the subject for a creative piece—song, story, painting, etc. On my first drawing, I received #39 El Nopal (The Cactus). After finishing my story, I requested another card. Then another. Then another. Though I don’t recall the order I drew them in, I received #31 Las Jaras (The Arrows), La Araña (The Spider), El Alacrán (The Scorpion), and El Catrin (The Dandy). These are my stories, which I read at the SLO Little Theatre one Cinco de Mayo when the lotería gang presented our work to the public.

#4 El Catrin (The Dandy)
#31 Las Jaras (The Arrows)
#33 La Araña (The Spider)
#39 El Nopal (The Cactus)
#40 El Alacrán (The Scorpion)

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