Dune Forum

For more information about what the Dune Forum was, read the query addressed to McSweeney’s below. The project was rejected, but I stand by the letter as a solid introduction to the magic that was the Dunites.

The only question that remains, more than 80 years after the Dunites walked those hallowed walls and pits of sand, is what is left for the Dune Forum to become. I’ve been obsessed with the Dunites since I first heard of them as a wee 21-year-old reporter for The Coast News in Grover Beach. Over the years I wondered why someone didn’t work to bring those voices from the past back to life. With time; the introduction of collaborator Mignon Khargie, who was one of the co-founders of San Louie; and a little bit of confidence, I realized that I wanted a role in the endeavor. Mignon and I took the original text and asked San Luis Obispo County locals to let us record them reading the various articles, letters, poems, and rants. We plan to release them on CD for history buffs, literature lovers, and all posterity…just as soon as we take a break from writing our respective books and find the time to edit several hours’ worth of audio content. The day will come, though perhaps not as soon as I would like.

In the meantime, you can also read Matt Fountain’s “Happy as a Clam: A hack writer attempts to relive the Dunite experience,” originally printed in San Louie’s Happy Issue. And gander at Colin Rigley’s photographs of the Oceano Dunes, taken between 2010 and 2013.

McSweeney’s Letter
Happy As A Clam

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