Deep Dive: The Wheel Diver is well on its way


In a little over a month, I’m going to be launching the Kickstarter campaign for my third book, The Wheel Diver. The purpose of the campaign is to generate funds to print a hardcover, fully illustrated edition of the novel. Backers can pre-purchase the novel in addition to having access to book-themed swag like tote bags, jewelry, original art, and thank you notes from my cats.

Getting this book published, and doing it well, has been my major project over the course of the last year. To say that this would be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream is an understatement. In preparation for this campaign, I filmed a book trailer (with a lot of help from friends and even strangers), invested my own money, relied on the kindness and genius of friends, and sweated over every decision however seemingly minor. I also wrote a book I’m exceedingly proud of, and which I consider my best work to date (an assessment those most familiar with my work agree with).

Last week I launched a website specifically dedicated to The Wheel Diver and releasing information about the Kickstarter campaign. If you have a weakness for fantasy novels, the Amazon, roller derby, chinchillas, or are just curious to watch this particular indie author’s dream play out, I highly recommend a visit.


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