That time I was a featured guest on a podcast


Writer, foodie, rocker babe, all-around Renaissance woman, and now podcast host Hayley Cain just released her first episode of Sparkle and Destroy: A podcast for girls who make noisy, vibrant art, and I was ridiculously honored to be her guest. I haven’t said much about my third book, The Wheel Diver, which has been a major project of late. This is an opportunity to hear me talk about it a little bit in advance of its release, which is just around the corner.

The entire mission behind Sparkle and Destroy is to encourage creativity, to offer advice and inspiration to anyone stuck in the creative mire or just plain afraid to get started in the first place. We discussed our personal approaches to starting big projects, the challenge of silencing those ever-present and ever-pesky self-doubts, and the incredible rewards of being an artist. I could go on but, well, wouldn’t you rather listen?


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