My 10 favorite gTLDs, and 10 more I wish existed



Technically, is not available because I registered it, but this suggestion list from does give me some excellent domain ideas. 

I view new technology with much the same feelings as I would any apex predator; it’s fascinating, overwhelming, and could we maybe just maintain a respectful distance? Sure, we can learn to coexist. Maybe. But it’ll be stressful and I just know I’ll wind up feeling stupid at least half a dozen times in the process.

And I work for a tech company. More specifically, I work for a domain Registry company. And, to be completely honest, until I started interviewing for the job, I had no idea what a domain Registry was, had never personally registered a domain, and, if I’m being completely honest, thought domains were somewhat boring. I mean, there wasn’t really much to the equation. One business name + .COM just isn’t enough to get me excited. I love words and storytelling and creativity and nothing about the domain industry suggested any of those things to me.

Then I started working for Rightside and learned about the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ new gTLD program introducing hundreds of new, descriptive, and sometimes downright, delightfully weird words that actually fall on the right side of the dot. That’s when domains got interesting.

It’s a challenge to choose my favorite 10 when there are nearly 1,000 new gTLDs, and my company alone owns 40 of these. But I’ve always been up for a challenge so I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. Here are my 10 favorite new gTLDs (so far):

  • .HAUS. I’m not entirely certain why this word delights me as much as it does, but I think it’s because it’s a quirky, non-commercial play on the word “house.” There are a lot of real estate and sale-focused new gTLDs and, frankly, I find them pretty boring. Not to mention the fact that since I recently purchased my first house, I’ve been obsessed with all things house-related. Of the handful of domains I now own, a .HAUS domain is one of them.
  • .DOG. Because dogs are awesome.
  • .NINJA. Part of my appreciation for this new gTLD is the fact that it seems to attract quirky and creative types who want to inject some personality into their businesses or personal brands. As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough personality. I don’t own a .NINJA domain yet but I’m sure I will soon.
  • .ING. I absolutely love the idea of having a suffix that can be combined with any variation of verbs to create a simple, playful domain that is a single word. This might be my all-time favorite.
  • .ROCKS. I’m a sucker for a domain that tells a story or makes a complete sentence and .ROCKS allows people to do exactly that, while showing some confidence and attitude along the way. Of course, it could have an entirely different meaning to geographers or rock collectors, and that makes me like it all the more.
  • .SPACE. Maybe it’s because Firefly is my absolute favorite show, maybe it’s because I have a romantic attachment to the idea of this enormous, largely unexplored territory, but I think .SPACE is a really exciting new gTLD. Throw in the fact that it can also simply mean “space” as in room, and I think a lot can be done with it.
  • .INK. This is as close as any of the new gTLDs come to expressing my passion for all things print and I think .INK has a lot of potential for clever wordplay. Not to mention, at three characters, it is among the shortest of the new gTLDs.
  • .STUDIO. It’s probably because I know a lot of artists from my previous life as the arts and entertainment editor for an alternative newsweekly, but I see a lot of uses for this new gTLD. I like the word “studio” and all that it implies—a personal space in which to create, a room of one’s own as Virginia Woolf would have said. The .STUDIO gTLD turns something dry, like a resume and portfolio, and allows it to become a more unique expression of style.
  • .ONE. It’s hard to explain why I like this extension so much, but I think it’s connected to the importance of individuality, of sometimes being alone and embracing that idea. Everyone wants to be unique, but few people want to be alone, few people are willing to be just one. As an introvert, I like the idea of one and I think it has potential far beyond anything I’ve articulated.
  • .GIVES. What’s the point of the internet if we can’t accomplish something positive for the world at large? I like the .GIVES domain extension because it reminds people of the importance of giving and social consciousness. It reminds us that we don’t have to belong to a nonprofit to give back and calls attention to those who are. Also, it makes a domain into a complete sentence, which makes me happy as a writer.

And here are the 10 TLDs that should exist, and I can’t imagine why they don’t. Although, there’s always the chance that someone applied for them or might apply for them if ICANN opens to a second round:

  • .WRITER. I get jealous when I see all the professional vertical TLDs that apply perfectly to veterinarians (.VET), engineers (.ENGINEER), lawyers (.LAWYER), etc. Among the hundreds of new TLDs there is not a single one that applies to the noble and ancient profession of writing and, given that the purpose of my personal website is to showcase my writing and promote my professional career as a writer, I would definitely register a .WRITER domain if such a delightful thing existed.
  • .BOOK. There’s a .MOVIE, which is a useful TLD for distinguishing the medium of a particular story, and though I might be somewhat biased as lifelong bookworm, I think .BOOK would be a welcome addition to the fold.
  • .CAT. There’s a .DOG, and given that cats pretty much dominate the internet, they deserve their own TLD.
  • .CHEESE. My favorite food group deserves its own TLD.
  • .WIZARD. Given that there’s a .NINJA and .GURU, I think there’s a market for generic TLDs that express expertise with a degree of personality. Not to mention, most of us can rattle off the name of our house and details of our wand from Pottermore.
  • .BILLMURRAY. There’s no practical reason for this, but it’s Bill. Freaking. Murray. Who wouldn’t register a .BILLMURRAY domain?
  • .UNICORN. This is a lot like .WIZARD, but maybe geared more toward a specific product and less a person. I don’t know that I would necessarily register a .UNICORN domain, but I’ll bet the Lisa Frank and My Little Pony crowd would.
  • .CELLARDOOR. It was Edgar Allen Poe’s favorite phase (allegedly: we’ve never actually had a conversation on the subject) and has been cited as the most beautiful phrase in the English language. Obviously it deserves its own TLD.
  • .AUTHOR. I tend to swing back and forth on whether I’d be most likely to use a .WRITER or .AUTHOR or maybe even .STORYTELLER, but there are countless independent authors trying to promote their work and seeking professional validation. A domain that specifically states that you are an author is a nice authoritative way to silence the cruel voices in your head. Or some of them, anyway. Get on that, domain industry.
  • .READER. For the book lover who doesn’t identify as a writer and wants to share her thoughts on reading, book reviews, etc.

There they are. Register wisely and creatively (and if you don’t have a Registrar of choice I recommend because they make it pretty darn easy) and don’t hold me responsible if you become a domain addict like some of my colleagues.



























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