Throwback Thursday: A little light reading


I realize this Throwback Thursday is usually reserved for Facebook and Instagram, but with more than four years of regular blogging and hundreds of posts, I was feeling nostalgic for past adventures, for California, for my basement-dwelling minions at the newspaper. So, in honor of throwback Thursday, here are 10 blog posts from years past:

1. “Sisyphus: A writer’s tale (and two hundred and fiftieth blog post” March 18, 2015

Tags: freelancing, adulthood, bills, writer’s life


2. “Cat Cat Meets the Tooth Fairy” Dec. 9, 2014

Tags: cats, vets, bills, teeth

3. “Mourning Mrs. Doubtfire” Aug. 31, 2014

Tags: Robin Williams, death, grief, fatherhood, divorce

4. “Ostrich Style” July 30, 2014

Tags: ostriches, engagement photos, friends

5. “Dream when there’s nothing to feast on (a two hundredth blog post” June 19, 2014

Tags: home ownership, finances

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 10.26.43 AM

6. “#YesAllWomen” May 25, 2014

Tags: gun control, misogyny, feminism


7. “Metamorphosis, literally: How it ends” March 28, 2014

Tags: butterfly, change, flight

8. “To the real bullies of the world (mom bloggers)” Feb. 26, 2014

Tags: mom culture, bullying, judgment


9. “My Absurd Life” Aug. 27, 2013

Tags: cats, dollhouse

10. “It’s just what’s on my mind” June 18, 2013

Tags: grief, family, travel


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