A call to arms (and necks and shoulders and backs)

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.04.42 PM

Stolen brazenly from the Litographs site


I try pretty hard not to shill for products or websites here, not because there isn’t plenty of cool, creative stuff created by cool, creative people out there but mostly because it kind of stinks to be on a somewhat limited income and constantly bombarded by images of insanely cool products that are just a single click away from yours.

That said, if something is really just too cool not to gush about the odds are I’m going to gush a little, especially since the thing I’m currently gushing over is a) literary, b) super cheap, and c) still interesting even if you can’t afford super cheap.

My friend T tagged me in a post about Litographs, which are currently organizing the world’s longest tattoo chain telling the entire story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. So far they’ve got only 1,132 tattoos left to go and anyone can claim two of these temporary tattoos by purchasing them for $5 (shipping is free). The really cool thing is that the site is posting photos of people’s tattoos, and you can read what’s been constructed of the stories on ankles and across shoulders. Being a particularly fan of literary tattoos with one of my own (which is not temporary), I’m obviously in love with the idea of emblazoning words everywhere. I love the intimacy of a quote on the back of someone’s neck just below their hair line or searing across ribs. It’s beautiful and provocative.

If Lewis Carroll doesn’t float your boat (and no judgment if he doesn’t), Litographs is using the tattoo chain to

Tattoo 887 from Jonathan C of Jersey City, NJ

Tattoo 887 from Jonathan C of Jersey City, NJ

garner attention to their line of literary tattoos which include Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, The Last Unicorn, On the Origin of Species, Frankenstein, and so many brilliant options besides that they’re actually searchable by genre (American lit, British lit, Children’s, Mystery, Nonfiction, Plays, Poetry, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Science, and Shakespeare. The prices are reasonable ($5 for a set of 2) although as a 31-year-old writer with some pretty specific goals regarding buying a house sooner rather than later, I won’t be giving in to my impulse to buy them all and turn myself into the tattooed literary lady.


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