The tattooed men in Rhys’ life: November


November: Adriana Catanzarite, intern, Cal Poly journalism student

Since my toilet paper photo shoot had failed so tragically, we decided we’d have to do something toilet paper-themed for our final photo shoot featuring our intern Adriana.

Adriana had just gotten a tattoo maybe two weeks before the shoot, and Colin had the idea to create a wedding dress out of toilet paper and feature Adriana in an elegant pose while wearing the dress.

Our friend Pattea owns the gorgeous Old Edna Townsite which includes two bed and breakfasts, a gypsy wagon, several barns, a treehouse, and a wine tasting facility. Also, it just happens to be across the street from our house. I asked Pattea if she would mind if we used the townsite and she said to feel free to use it, as she has so many times before.

Colin bought several dozen rolls of toilet paper and we had Adriana put on a long blue slip which we would use to help shape the toilet paper dress. Jessica and I worked on the dress, taping it to the slip, and stretching individual rolls out toward the ground, like streamers, or a wedding dress train. It actually took less time and toilet paper than I thought it would—maybe 15 minutes and six rolls altogether—and we were all pretty pleased with the effect.

Adriana worked several different poses, even playing with the idea of draping toilet paper off her finger and arm and stretching it across her shoulders like a shawl. The time change hadn’t occurred yet but it was starting to get dark earlier and because we scheduled the photo shoot after work we were once again racing against the dying light. And fighting roosters.

For whatever reason, the roosters that wander around the property took a dislike to Jessica and one repeatedly chased, stalked, and lunged at her before and during the shoot. She responded by shuffling around and verbally mocking them all which I thought was a little harsh considering that her beef was really with the one rooster.

And then we were done. But not really because we still had a cover to shoot.


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