The tattooed men in Rhys’ life: September


September: Jenny Gosnell, graphic designer

We ultimately decided to include a handful of tattooed women in Rhys’ life when we realized that we wouldn’t have models to fill the calendar if we stuck with tattooed men. In order to stick with the title—“The Tattooed Men in Rhys’ Life”—we decided that all tattoed women in the calendar would be photographed wearing mustaches or beards.

Jenny was our very first tattooed lady. She has such a bright, bubbly personality that we decided a local candy store called FizzRocket—which has, conservatively, at least one hundred different flavors of soda—would be the perfect location for her shoot.

I bought a couple bucks worth of candy bling—a ring pop for her finger and edible candy necklace—and borrowed some black face paint from my half-sister who used it to paint on a mustache when she went trick or treating as Mario for Halloween.

Jenny wore her hair in pigtails and dressed in a nautical shirt to match the anchor tattoo on her right forearm.

The week prior, I’d approached the RocketFizz manager about the photo shoot, and received his permission. It was the only photo shoot that I actually worried we’d have a hard time obtaining permission for, but the manager was really accommodating.

Once we finally got started, the shoot happened really quickly, although we had to pause once or twice to clear a path for curious tourists cruising through the store. I didn’t think anyone would have much interest in visiting a candy store at 10 a.m. on a week day—I don’t know what it being a week day would have to do with candy demand but it seemed somehow even more obscene—but it was surprisingly crowded. I spent a good portion of the shoot eyeing the candy and salivating making it hard to focus on the shoot. But I’m just writing that off as a hazard of the job, which doesn’t actually have anything to do with real work.


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