The tattooed men in Rhys’ life: May


May: Glen Starkey, husband, stepfather, other senior staff writer at New Times, English lecturer at Cal Poly

The concept for Glen’s shoot was a no-brainer: We’d photograph him making classic pin-up poses and facial expressions in the hot tub at the Elks lodge. Glen lives at the Elks Lodge. Actually, he’s the only New Times writer who owns his own house, and he spends a fair amount of time at the paper and at Cal Poly where he teaches introductory English classes. But the Elks Lodge accounts for a fair amount of Glen’s leisure time and he’s become somewhat infamous for recruiting New Times employees who flock at the notion of free drinks and a hot tub.

We began the shoot with a couple quick drinks at the bar—a few shots and a few beers each for Colin and Glen to get them warmed up. Then we retired to the hot tub—which had a sign about not bringing drinks into the hot tub, but we were born to be rebels and rule breakers, so we did anyway—where Glen pretty much set a new standard for posing and self-confidence.

Pretty early on in my career at New Times, while working as art director for a photo shoot featuring nine gorgeous local dancers, I had an epiphany. The success of a photo shoot doesn’t have anything to do with how pretty you are. It’s true that models tend to be exceedingly beautiful, but being exceedingly beautiful doesn’t guarantee a good shot. It’s all about confidence and personality, and Glen had plenty to spare in his shoot so that we got what we needed in the first five minutes and everything after that was just gravy. We actually had to turn our four favorites over to the Facebook group to help us choose the best one. And Glen talked Colin and I into joining the Elks that night in the hot tub, so it was a productive afternoon and evening for us all.


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