The tattooed men in Rhys’ life: April


April: Giselle Griffin, executive assistant & Lana, dog

Giselle still feels really new at New Times. She’s never played hide and seek with the lights off or helped stage a videogame-themed street fight in the parking lot of the local bar. It sounds odd, perhaps, but these are the memories that become the foundation of relationships at the paper—at least most of the editorial relationships.

So I felt a little creepy asking Giselle if she’d be willing to pose in a pinup calendar for our coworker. We were really careful to try to avoid taking a “sexy” photo with the female models, and I was a little worried that Giselle looks too much like a model for a silly pinup shoot to work.

We decided to pursue the cheesiest theme we could think of—Giselle dressed in overalls fishing with her dog Lana in Laguna Lake (part of the joke sadly being that Laguna Lake doesn’t really have any water left and most of the fish have already died).

Giselle met Colin and I out at the dock. We’d borrowed fishing equipment from our coworker Jessica who either stole or borrowed it from her dad. It was our first photo shoot featuring a dog and I think Lana did a great job dissolving the awkwardness of the shoot.

Because Giselle’s tattoo is a small peace symbol on her ankle, we had our work cut out for us making sure the tattoo was visible without losing the rest of the model. Colin rotated around the dock, shooting from a couple different angles, while Giselle occasionally encouraged Lana to sit down and cooperate. It all probably seemed really weird to Lana—and to anyone at Laguna Lake who happened to be watching—but we were mostly really happy when it was done because that meant there were just two more shots: the final month and the cover.


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