We need to have a talk about Photoshop …


It seems I can’t leave the room anymore without returning to find my boyfriend Photoshopping raccoon-flavored Oreos or turning his head into a piñata. It starts innocently enough. He’s editing some friends’ engagement photos or helping me come up with a playful author photo, then somehow, the thought process derails and he’s gone off on a tangent that I simply can’t follow.

Sometimes it scares me. But I’ve learned to embrace these quirks, just as he’s learned to accept my penchant for bringing rocks home from beaches and collecting costumes and staging insanely elaborate photo shoots and projects and then complaining because I have too much to do. Living with a creative person isn’t always easy. But at least it’s never boring. And it’s kinda nice to have someone on hand who can knock out a meme at a moment’s notice. Or help me come up with an author photo for my next book.

The cool thing is, I’ve never met someone as giving of his time. The fact that Colin’s pretty much always willing to devote an evening to perfecting a photo for someone else is incredible, especially when you factor in the fact that he has a full-time job and that so many people find it impossible to make time for someone else.

Which is why I get a kick out of the weird stuff he does for himself. On July 30, Colin debuted his latest self-portrait–which I’d accidentally witnessed in the early phase of conception when I walked by his computer and saw a photo of him with his arm clenched. I worried for a brief second that he was turning into some kind of meathead, and then realized how silly such a concern was and carried on with my own bizarre projects. The photo above, by the way, was his earlier portrait which was replaced by the one below. Personally, I kind of prefer the first one, but that may just be because I’m sentimental and have grown attached to visiting his website and being greeted by a photo of him with pens in his ears.

Still, I haven’t ruled out the possibility that I’m going to have to stage a Photoshop intervention one day soon, and despite the obvious entertainment value everyone derives from his photo editing skills, I hope his friends and family rally around us to support the cause.



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