Sleepy cats in exciting situations

Somehow the realization that Colin was all too happy to spend his time Photoshopping sleeping cats into exciting situations resulted in all of our Facebook friends inundating us with photos of their cats sleeping (which, for the record, is not the sort of thing I would ever complain about).

So what started with a photo of Jack in the middle of an Olympic dive has now become Buster making what I can only assume is the game-winning catch in a football game. It has resulted in sleepy cat Street Fighter and sleepy cat breakdancing and sleepy cat Thriller dancing.

Is there some deeper meaning to it all? Some message about the importance of humor or domestication of animals? Absolutely not. But who cares? It’s a breakdancing cat.

It all started with Jack–a seemingly innocent sleepy cat who dictates far more of my life than he should.


Oh wait, turns out Jack’s an Olympic high diver!


Then there was Edie, one of our Arts Editor’s rescue cats.



Turns out Edie’s a big Michael Jackson fan. Who knew?

Sleepy Thriller Cat

Is Buster just one of many sleepy cats napping on furniture he’s not supposed to climb on?


Maybe. But he’s also a wide receiver for a football team (which I am emphatically declaring as “not USC.”)


Who knows what this cat’s dreaming about over the course of what was likely a 20-hour nap?


Apparently, the answer to the previous question is “breakdancing.” Also, I love that the cat in this image is larger than the human. Everyone would be dead if cats were that large. It would be a giant, fluffy bloodbath.



Sleepy cat curled adorably on the floor?


Obviously the cat from The Matrix. You remember that cat, right? The one with the trenchcoat and the crazy moves?

Sleepy Matrix Cat

Cat napping by the computer, obviously biding his time before attempting to destroy expensive and important technology?


Or Tarzan, swinging to rescue whoever Tarzan rescued. Was it Jane? Cute jungle animals? Whoever it is, this is a cat on a very important mission.


Whiskey’s taking the classic “standing up” nap.


Or he’s on the run from velociraptors and playing the “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” game.


Then there’s the classic top of the couch sprawl by a cat who is just too exhausted being a cat to find a comfortable position on the couch.

Street Fighter-Superman

But who knows what foes the cat sleeping on the couch must vanquish by night? In this case, this cat is obviously about to kick Ryu’s ass all over the place. Once he gets a bit warmed up, of course.


So there you have it, folks. Remember this the next time you’re tempted to mock your cat for his or her incredible laziness. Who knows what important and exciting adventures they endure while you’re in bed asleep?




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