Shufflin’ down the bunny trail

The Fourth Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt was a success in that no one was trampled, I did not have to scrub melted peeps out of my microwave, and no one tried to climb on the roof or drive home drunk. I recognize that these are very different standards of success than your traditional Easter egg hunt, but when I really started thinking about it, I think my annual egg hunt has a lot more in common with a traditional kids’ hunt than you might expect. Consider the following points:

I gather candy and goodies for the people I care about.

I stuff these goodies into plastic eggs.

I wake up early Easter Sunday and frantically run around my yard hiding way too many eggs.

I try to quickly lay out the ground rules while my friends eagerly scan the yard, mostly ignoring what I’m saying because they’re impatient to be in the yard picking up eggs. (They are all carrying frilly Dollar Store Easter baskets intended for humans one-quarter of their size.)

I take great joy in watching them race around the yard looking for eggs, working out the logical patterns for where eggs might be hidden, and sometimes wincing as someone almost steps on one.

I stroll around the yard afterward, trailed by several opportunists whose Easter baskets are already full, announcing every so often that I see an egg while they all run around me trying to find it.

It’s pretty awesome. Here are some photos by Colin Rigley to prove the point.


Rhys took the egg hunt pretty seriously, sliding through the grass bent over rather than standing up after he found each egg. He pronounced himself the winner of the hunt afterward.

AEaster 2014_9

AEaster 2014_10



Kate and Abe are more of a low-key egg hunting couple. They’ve been to most, if not all, of the Easter egg hunts and before the hunt began they made “Bunny Marys” for the rest of us.

AEaster 2014_5 AEaster 2014_6

Despite being a first-timer, Trever found the golden egg, which I’d tucked into a bamboo grove. The egg contained a note with the location of one of the three giant prize eggs, stuffed with an array of the best goodies from the hunt. He looked pretty happy when he caught sight of the size of the egg.

AEaster 2014_16 AEaster 2014_19

Matt is always Jo Cool, even when hunting Easter eggs. He was the only person who didn’t hustle off the deck when the hunt began and I think he went home with slightly fewer goodies because of it. (Not that he seemed to mind too much.)

AEaster 2014_7

AEaster 2014_25

Ana exhausted herself hunting eggs. In her defense, it was a really hot day, which meant that a lot of the chocolate we hid early in the morning melted by the time the hunt began at 2 p.m. Easter in California … what are you gonna do?


AEaster 2014_31

Aileen is into the egg hunt but her girlfriend Maeva once attacked an intern with a branch in order to claim the prize egg for herself. In fact in the weeks leading up to the hunt she kept asking me if any interns were coming to the egg hunt and then chuckling ominously. Not surprisingly, Maeva is the only one who attempted to clamber up the tree where I’d hidden the biggest prize egg, which is just visible at the top of the photo. It’s the one time of the year when my tree climbing gear really comes in handy. I love how competitive Maeva is about it because that’s how I get about stuff like hide and seek. So, Maeva makes me feel somewhat normal and that’s a tall order sometimes. Also, Maeva and Aileen remind me of a velociraptor couple in Jurassic Park, because they came to the hunt with a plan (split up, with Maeva going for the big prize while Aileen hunts smaller eggs but is close enough to catch the giant pink one when Maeva needs her). Also, I think Maeva would have mauled someone had it been required of her. Aileen? I dunno. Maybe.

AEaster 2014_2 AEaster 2014_3

After everyone had traded their candy and assorted adult treats (miniature bottles of alcohol, candy, condoms, etc.), my trampoline looked like a festive, pastel-colored crime scene with people passed out, almost-napping and chocolate stains on pretty much everything.

AEaster 2014_28




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