Good News Bear

On a whim, and with a great deal of reluctance, I checked Amazon at midnight to see if they’d posted the results from the first round of cuts for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. As it turns out, they had, and I was compelled to click on the list of Young Adult prospects and slide down the lengthy list of names, hoping to find my own. Which reminded me of pretty much every television show in which someone is auditioning for a role or some other particular honor they’ve set their cap for.

To my astonishment–I’m not feigning humility here, the odds in a competition like this are simply very much against you–my name was on the list!

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 12.13.04 AM


Of course, there’s about 30 more rounds to go … OK, maybe only four, but the cuts are pretty severe from here on out so I will be hoping to advance, but I certainly won’t be expecting anything, In case you were wondering, this is what happens next:

April 14: 500 quarter-finalists advance.

June 13: 25 semi-finalists advance.

July 8: 5 finalists advance.

July 21: 1 lucky winner receives a publishing contract with Amazon.

So, there’s a good chance I’ll be hovering around my computer on the eve of April 14, like some sad sitcom kid who really wants the plum role in whatever play her school is producing but knows she has very little hope of it.

To round out all this tension and excitement, here is Colin’s latest installment of “Candy is for Grownups.” It’s called Going Out and Bear has easily emerged as my favorite character in this comic. Which might have something to do with the fact that I’m pretty sure he’s me, but mostly I think it’s just because he’s a surly teddy bear, and you can’t beat a pissed off teddy bear. Also, I’ve never been a big fan of zombies. There. Now you have another reason to hate me.





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