Everything is awesome: Bill Murray earrings!

While I’m reluctant to dedicate enormous amounts of time to listing things that are awesome, my brain has responded to my recent intensive finish-book-two writing campaign by shutting down. And when the only things drifting through my head are “pie: good, writing: bad” I know better than to subject people to a lengthier rant.

So, I finished Book Two (formally titled Vestal)  last night. It clocked in at 85,236 words and I was so ready to be done writing it that I ran around the house in my bear slippers dancing and yelling “Done, done, done, done … done, done, done,done,done” to the Rocky theme song. I plan to give my brain a bit of a break from the book for a month or two before I begin editing. In the meantime, I’m beginning intense brainstorm/ outline activity for Book Three, which has no title as of yet, but is set in a ridiculously cool world that will require a fair bit of research to flesh out. My goal for Book Three is to start writing at the beginning of summer and finish some time before Halloween.

Regarding other things that my poor melon of a brain considers good: Colin surprised me with Bill Murray earrings from Etsy on Monday. Apparently, my friend and collaborator Mignon Khargie found them and showed them to Colin, and I’m really quite relieved to have them because as a self-proclaimed Bill Murray stalker, I was worried that not owning any Bill Murray-themed jewelry might damage my credibility. Alright, truthfully, I never actually worried about that. But still, Bill Murray earrings!

photo (1)





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