Bathroom Talk

Colin finished his fifth comic in his Candy is for Grown Ups series last night. The latest adventure–“Bathroom Talk”–veers away from the friendship between Zombie and Penguin to expand upon Penguin’s relationship with Bear, who is just the slightest bit abusive. Maybe a lot? It’s hard to say given that Bear’s only appeared twice now.

I’m almost completely certain I’m Bear, though Colin denies it. I was fairly certain when Bear first appeared on the scene, demanding foot rubs from Penguin, which is a favorite activity of mine. Also, Colin identifies strongly with penguins, so I figured there was a reasonable chance he’s envisioning himself as the penguin. Once, I found myself accusing Colin of making me the bear, only to look down and realize I was wearing enormous bear paw slippers, which pretty much negated any argument Colin might try to make that I am not Bear.

If all of this sounds absurd–Colin drawing comics with zombies, penguins, and bears, and me running around in bear paw slippers accusing him of using me as a model for an abusive bear, well, consider an anecdote from last night:

Jack likes to sit in my lap when I’m eating dinner, and he usually just ignores when I inevitably spill food and crumbs on him. Last night, however, a piece of cheese covered in honey fell on his leg and got stuck–on account of the honey–and he spent several minutes running frantically through the house trying to shake it off while I chased him trying to help. He subsequently wouldn’t talk to me.

There. Everything else looks normal. I kinda wanted to subtitle this comic, “Shit gets real” but decided against it. It’s important for an author to be classy and refrain from mentioning anything that might be construed as lewd or offensive. (I’m totally kidding.)



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