Kim Jong Un-mazing!

With just three days left of the winter Olympics in Sochi, it’s just a matter of time before North Korea announces Kim Jong-un’s incredible triumph–winning ALL of the Olympic medals, being voted the sexiest Olympian, rescuing the most Sochi dogs, setting all the world records, and defeating Putin in an arm-wrestling match.

Colin decided to save the regime whatever they pay their amateur Photoshop experts and take care of the propaganda campaign all on his own in 45 minutes on Photoshop.

I haven’t actually been paying sufficient attention to the winter Olympics to understand the context for these, so don’t expect a complicated explanation. And I’m still standing by my Olympic boycott; yes, I support gay rights, and no, I don’t think allowing a country that criminalizes homosexuality to host the Olympics is in keeping with the spirit of the games. But this post is not about homophobia; it’s about laughing at psychotic dictators.









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