Christmas card karmic comeuppance

No bad Christmas card goes unpunished.

While we were at Machu Picchu last November, Colin and I took a silly photo we intended to use for our Christmas card. We were posing, with our arms slightly extended, as though we were holding the cats. As though we were the type of people who would bring our cats to Machu Picchu (not that I actually suspect that any such people exist.)

We sent the card to our friends and family, mostly hoping they’d get a laugh out of it, and maybe scratch their heads in wonder at our brazen willingness to embarrass ourselves. I did not expect, when it came time to open my birthday presents in February, that this card would come back to haunt me. That I would be forever preserved in all my sweaty, just-hiked-the-entire-day-through-what-amounts-to-a-tropical-jungle glory.

But it did. My mom, gleefully, maybe a little bit seriously, made me close my eyes while she and my brother unfurled what you are about to see below. And I have no idea what to do with it, beyond scare the hell out of people staying over at the house. Fall asleep peacefully, wake up with me staring at you.

You’ll understand.

For reference, this is the Christmas photo at Machu Picchu, with Photoshop by Colin Rigley:

Peru_Cat Xmas

And this is my mom’s birthday present, may the gods of bad taste forgive me:

Ashley Blog



  1. This is hilarious! I also enjoyed reading about your 30th birthday party. Your family and friends are incredibly creative!

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