30th Birthday Recap

Friday I turned 30. Saturday my boyfriend threw me a party.

It was pretty awesome. Here’s the evidence:

There were flowers from my mom.


There was a keg of really delicious pear hard cider with a cat on it. Cat Cat, specifically.

Ashley 30 Bday

Jono and Rhys spent some bonding time on the beanbag.

Ashley 30 Bday_3

There was a magician. That’s right. A magician at a 30-year-old’s birthday party.

(He tried to use me as an assistant.)


Maeva seemed pretty fascinated. I think she’s got a career as a magician’s assistant.

Ashley 30 Bday_10

The magician tapped Kylie to utilize her artistic prowess. (I was very disappointed she didn’t draw a narwhal.)

Ashley 30 Bday_11

The bounce house had to cancel due to the rain. But, seriously, my boyfriend tried to get a bounce house shaped like a birthday cake for my birthday. Best. Boyfriend. Ever.


He also gave me a fox ring from Etsy. Which I will utilize while fighting crime.

Ashley Bday Gift_2

Downton Abbey shirt with attitude from Katy at New Times. So amazing.

Ashley Bday Gift

And then there was the cake. My boyfriend apparently photoshopped my face into a Buffy the Vampire Slayer poster, probably because I have a major crush on Spike. But it resulted in the most embarrassing cake ever, which I am only posting here because I have no dignity left.


Matt Foote saved the day with his lighter. What’s  humiliating birthday cake without candles?

Ashley 30 Bday_12

Speaking of Matt, he and his lovely, talented wife gave the gift of original art that they made themselves! Their work is on the left and the photo that inspired it is on the right.



































Ryan gave me something every traveler needs: A world map that allows you to scratch off the places you’ve been. And yes, I totally wanted to scratch out more places than I’ve actually been.


Then there’s these crazy chicks (Maeva, and her girlfriend Aileen)  who keep giving me cat stuff.

Ashley Bday Gift_3

And Bill Murray stuff (duh).

Ashley Bday Gift_1

Finally, Pattea let me sleep in her Desolina House in Old Edna. Gorgeous space. Restful sleep. And it smelled amazing there. (I’m big in smells. I judge places by how they smell.)




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