Cats and empathy (they don’t have it)

So you know when you’re sick and covered in snot and coughing every couple of minutes and your cat seems worried about you? No? Me neither.

I’m at the tail end of a cold that dragged on for far too long and involved more snot and coughing than I thought a single human being was capable of producing. Jack was really happy because it meant that I spent more time sitting on the beanbag, which is essentially the domestic cat equivalent of identifying a weak member of a herd you’re hunting for lap. The problem was, every once in awhile I would cough. And every time I coughed, Jack would glare at me and meow in rebuke (he doesn’t like noise).

Our conversations would go something like:







Colin witnessed the exchange one night and was inspired by Jack’s lack of empathy for his sick human to create the following comic, titled “Empathy” as part of his indie comic series Candy is for Grownups.



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