Triple threat

I’ve always wanted to be the sort of person who does five things better than most people do a single thing. There’s nothing unique in that. I’m not saying it’s fair to want to bogart the world’s supply of creative talent, but as long as wanting doesn’t directly translate to singing beautifully (or even tolerably), knocking out a tour de force novel in a three-day weekend, and painting something that an independently wealthy art collector with a wine cellar the size of my house drops a million-dollar check for, I don’t feel too guilty about my longing for a greater portion of talent.

The problem with wanting to be great at everything is that you can’t know if you even have the possibility of being good at something until you try. And a lot of that stuff requires a significant investment of time and money and space toward the necessary materials. And who actually has time to try everything?

Instead, I’ve sort of hunkered down and focused on writing. It’s my first love and one of the few things I know I’m halfway decent at. But I’m always sort of impressed when someone takes up something new, especially when it’s something they weren’t taught in school and there’s no relative with the same talent lurking in the background eager to help pave their way. I felt that way when Colin took up photography several years back, and again when he decided to add making comics to his repertoire. Making comics is something I would love to do if I had the ability to draw even a stick figure with some degree of accuracy, but I don’t. I am, however, enjoying my first row seat witnessing Colin’s development as a comic artist. Of course, I am a little selfish in my interest in his artistic development. It’s been my experience that you can never have too many collaborators, and given that we share a house and now an office as well, it’s pretty easy for me to harangue him into taking on new projects.

His first strip, completed on Dec. 6, 2013, is called Life After Death.


His second piece, inspired by the incident with the ladybugs in the Christmas tree, was completed Dec. 19, 2013. And he put together a time lapse of its creation.

Candy Is For Grown Ups_Ladybug Infestation

And, lastly, Love is a Battlefield. The text on this one is my favorite.



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