One three-ring binder to rule them all

I’m (finally!) back into the cycle of writing 1,000 words per day on my second novel, Vestal. Back in October I took what I thought would be a one-month break while I was in Peru, but actually turned into three months of travel recovery and wrapping presents and visiting family and fighting with cats over stray ornaments beneath the Christmas tree. And while I don’t enjoy waking up each morning to the thought that I owe myself 1,000 words (preferably good ones), I have to admit that it feels really good to go back to being constantly focused on a single objective. And I was actually more pleased than I expected to be when I went over what I already have–about 35,000 words, amounting to one-third of the book.

The only thing I’m not thrilled about is the binder of notes that now follows me wherever I go. I created the binder because it seemed more organized than having a 300-page word document filled with notes about ancient Rome, vestal virgins, Commodus, the landscape in Libya, personality disorders, etc. etc. But the truth is, I feel exhausted just looking at the behemoth, much less hauling it around my office and home twenty-four hours a day.







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