So this is Christmas…

Nine days after Christmas, eight days after Colin’s birthday, two days after New Year’s Day, and less than 24 hours after finishing the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (more on this later), it feels as though there isn’t a whole hell of a lot to look forward to. Besides the handful of bottles of Martinelli’s left in the fridge and a few slices of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday cake, there isn’t even much in the way of leftovers. It’s just over. All that’s left is a single roll of film with a few Christmas photos to develop.

So here they are. Some of them anyway. Good luck trying to figure out how they all fit together, how they all add up to Christmas, but they do in a weird sort of way. (Plus I pulled two Peru photos off the roll, figuring that since they’d been hanging out together–the Peru film and the Christmas film–they might as well be presented together.)


Being in Prunedale means hanging out with animals. Lots and lots of animals. And only some of them are ours.



And it’s not really Christmas Eve unless a large horse is getting sprayed by a hose for picking on a donkey.


Colin’s afraid of horses. Turns out he’s also not a huge fan of having a “birthday crown” on his head the day before his birthday … or any day.


He does, however, enjoy taking photos that mock the Peruvian women who spent half an hour taking selfies and ridiculous posed portraits under this fountain. (I’d like to think it’s our shared hatred of selfies and what I refer to as camera whores that brought us together.)


I found a park full of cats in Lima. Take from that what you will. (Completely unrelated to Christmas)


Wanna know why there are creepy cats in my mom’s living room? Presentation is very important, that’s why. I spent the months leading up to Christmas scouring Shirt Woot, Etsy, and Threadless for 10 Perfect T-shirts, and, more specifically, 10 Perfect T-Shirts for Colin. He’s got very specific likes and dislikes. Yes on cupcakes, penguins, Mario, and science and space, preferably executed in a cartoon-y style. But I couldn’t just give him 10 t-shirts, however selective I had been in choosing them. They had to be presented properly. This meant finding 10 clothing hangers with cat and dog heads, pairing each t-shirt with the appropriate hanger, putting bows on the entire creepy lot of them, hanging it all on a PVC pipe, and making my brother help me carry the entire contraption into the living room where Colin sat on the couch looking aghast and confused. My brother shot these images on his Smartphone, and I think Colin was too weirded out to do anything but cooperate.

photo 2 photo 1


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