Twenty-Second Day of Christmas: Robots and holly

Sadly, the presents are not tucked snugly beneath the tree. There are cats about, you see, and cats are to carefully wrapped packages with bows what zombies are to paralyzed members of Mensa. Because they have big brains? And they can’t move? No? Well, there was no harm in trying.

But they are all wrapped–in original New Times wrapping paper–and decorated in bows I fashioned from copies of New Times that I eviscerated like a more badass version of Martha Stewart. Here are some of the results, photographed by Colin Rigley, who I think put as much thought and care into arranging and documenting the presents as I did into wrapping them. (I would like to point out that the fourth photo is the only one with the present not wrapped in New Times paper, but the bow was constructed from strips of New Times, and I was particularly proud of that bow, so I included it.)

Presents-and-Bows_1 Presents-and-Bows_2 Presents-and-Bows_3 Presents-and-Bows_4 Presents-and-Bows


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