Ninth Day of Christmas: Away in the basement (part three)

This is the third (of four) installment of New Times‘ 2012 Holiday Guide holiday-themed fictions. Today’s post features Anna Weltner’s “The Holy Joke” (artwork by Lena Rushing) and Chris White-Sanborn’s “An Evening with Elvira” (artwork by Jeff Chang). There are podcasts of both readings, and if you want a special treat, listen to Chris’ reading. Most of the writers were decidedly reluctant to read their stories. Anna was sick when she read hers, I was supremely embarrassed to read mine, and generally I had to edit out a lot of unscripted cursing. But Chris clearly enjoyed reading. This is the fellow, by the way, who when we’re playing hiding seek and it’s his turn to be it, will stalk through the darkened hallways humming classical music. For some reason, it never fails to call to mind Christoph Waltz’s performance in Inglorious Basterds. I’m not entirely sure that comparing him to an actor who played a terrifying Nazi in Quentin Tarantino’s epic WWII revenge fantasy is sufficient evidence that you should listen to the podcast, but if you’re already reading this blog then you probably don’t have anything better to do so you might as well cooperate. Also, take special note of the gorgeous illustration accompanying “The Holy Joke.” Anna actually purchased the painting and can now proudly boast that she a) owns a Lena Rushing painting b) owns a piece of original art and c) owns a piece of original art that was inspired by a character she created. A writer can’t get much luckier than that.

“The Holy Joke” podcast: 

page 12(new)

page 14(new)

page 16(new)

page 18(new)

page 20(new)

page 21(new)

page 23(new)

“An Evening with Elvira” podcast:

page 24(new)

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