Seventh Day of Christmas: The holidays are so quotable

I’m heading off to parts unInterneted tonight, so I’m cheating a little bit by making two posts today and calling it even. And yes, I understand that you probably didn’t even get to the last part of that sentence because you’re still scratching your head over the idea that there are places in the world where the Internet is not accessible. Get over it.

The 2013 holidays have proven particularly quotable what with ladybug invasions and late night tree decorating. After taking a sober (don’t get me wrong, I never decorate drunk, I was merely tired) look at the tree, I lamented what I had done to the tree while exhausted the night before. Colin documented the magic of the moment on Facebook and for all posterity:

“Oh my god, was I drunk last night? This is what comes of decorating late at night. Look at the bottom: There’s a heart, a snowflake, a heart, and a snowflake. Oh my god. I’m so embarrassed.”

Earlier in the week, I made a trip to CVS to purchase a new tree skirt. This is the conversation that I had with the cashier:

Cashier: “I didn’t know we had these! I need a new one … My cats clawed mine to shreds.”
Me: “I’m buying a new one because my cat pooped on ours.”
Cashier: “That’s worse … Mine climbed into my tree last year and I didn’t find them until I heard the tree meowing.”
Me: “Shhh … My cats can hear you, and I don’t want them to get ideas!”


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