Fourth Day of Christmas: Free wrapping paper

One of my favorite things about working for a newspaper is the fact that having an idea–the kind you really, really love but normally wouldn’t be capable of acting upon–can be followed up by, “Hey, insanely talented design team, would you be willing to design some holiday wrapping paper that we can print in the paper’s Holiday Guide for our readers?” Which is kind of what happened.

Last year it occurred to me that the purpose of the holiday guide is to assist our readers through as many phases of their holiday preparations as possible from getting them amped up about the holidays to providing tips for keeping their Christmas tree fresh to recipes to gift purchasing ideas. But wouldn’t it be cool to find a way to take it even further? I already cut out old copies of New Times in order to make custom bows for my presents (that will be another blog post, trust me), but why not craft those bows on top of presents wrapped in newspaper wrapping paper?

The following images were designed by Jenny Gosnell, Heather Walter, and Dora Mountain. They were originally printed in our 2012 Last-Minute Gift Guide and 2013 Holiday Guide. You’re more than welcome to print them to use as your own giftwrap paper, and you can visit New Times‘ Facebook page if you want more specifics about who created what. And there’s a good chance you can find even more original wrapping paper in our 2013 Last-Minute Gift Guide, which is coming out on Dec. 12.

Happy wrapping!

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These penguins are perfect for, well, anyone who loves penguins. And who doesn’t love penguins? Commies, that’s who!

NT page 26 11.28.13(new)

These DNA strands by Heather Walter are perfect for the scientist or geek in your life. I feel like it would be great wrapping paper for a father-in-law or the niece you just know is going to grow up and discover the cure for cancer.

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This wrapping paper by Jenny Gosnell is the perfect touch for the more conservative or traditionalist crowd, but with a nice, contemporary color scheme that won’t look boring or dated.

NT page 08 12.13.12(new)

I really, really love this wrapping paper by Dora Mountain. It’s in my top three. And no, it’s not because it looks like something you could buy at Urban Outfitters. I love the fact that she’s managed to take a nontraditional color scheme handled so deftly that it reads holidays but with a nice southwestern flair.

NT page 63 12.13.12(new)

I never went through a train phase in my youth, but I know a lot of people that did. Actually, I know a lot of people who never got out of that phase. (And why should they? Liking trains isn’t like snorting lines of crushed candy cane off an elf’s ass.) Anyway, Heather Walter’s wrapping paper is a must for the train fanatic(s) in your life AND it looks great on a black and white newspaper page, which is awesome.

NT page 18 12.13.12(new)

Jenny Gosnell’s holly wrapping paper is bright, contemporary, and youthful, making it perfect for, well, gifts for youths. Of course, I think we all have a few relatives and friends who have always been just a tad obsessed with the color pink, so this is a nice treat for them.

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Since we can’t spend all day hanging around the Christmas tree brandishing a space gun and guarding the presents, Heather Walter’s wrapping paper does the trick for us. Obviously, this is perfect for little kids, but I also believe that we’ve all got just the slightest tendency to poke our heads where they don’t belong (amirite, Eve? Biblical humor, anyone?) so this could apply just as easily to Grandpa as Timmy.

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Robots! Need I say more? (Besides that the design is by Jenny Gosnell, of course!)

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It’s slightly less zany than its counterparts, but this geometric design by Jenny Gosnell does a nice job suggesting the presence of winter, which tends to feel very far away when you live in California. I think it’s the combination of that cool blue and the snowflake shape in the center that does the trick.


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