Ya’ Heard? with Perd

About a month and a half ago, I did an interview with New Times Arts Editor Anna Weltner about my book. I so enjoyed the opportunity to talk with someone about my book–yes, it was Anna’s job to discuss the various characters, themes, and machinations, but I was pretending a) that she was with the New York Times, b) that she was really excited for the opportunity to discuss how my brilliant mind works, and c) that I have a brilliant mind. We talked for around an hour, including a good 10 minutes of giggling because we both felt awkward about the fact that she was interviewing me. Sadly, most of the audio from the interview was lost when Anna attempted to email me the files from her phone. (I swear we’re not nearly as old as that makes us sound.)

So here are the three and a half minutes we managed to salvage. I’m going to pretend I just wanted to give a taste of everything we had to say and secretly weep into my sleeve of Oreos tonight. This particular segment addresses my approach to religious satire (of which Scourge of the Righteous Haddock has plenty.)


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