100 Thousand Poets (and me) for Change

After much deliberation (two days really, but that’s a lifetime in Social MediaLand), I’ve decided to share the Ashley_Thousand Poetsvideo I put together from the 100 Thousand Poets for Change event at the Steynberg Gallery on Saturday, Sept. 28. You don’t get the entire 10 minutes of my reading because I would have actually had to listen to myself reading for at least 10 minutes in order to edit it and that was an indignity I was not willing to suffer, even for the sake of sharing my book reading triumph. And I incorporated other readers and performers because, well, it looked less self-serving and also because poet Leslie St. John, the Allison Rice trio, and musician Dens Ray Falcon-Powell Junyor are all much better natural performers than I am and I was hoping their performances would elevate my own by association. (I’m the one labeled Ashley Schwellenbach and apologizing for not being a performer, by the way.) Also, the photo above is by the honorable Colin Rigley.


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