A store! A store! Three cheers for a real store!

Scourge of the Righteous Haddock is now available for sale at Dr. Cain’s Comics and Games in downtown SLO 162706_170731386291536_635406_n(778 Marsh St., and if you need directions just send me a message with your location and I’ll get them to you posthaste)! Note my restrained use of a single exclamation point despite the fact that I’m absolutely thrilled that my book is finally available in a real brick-and-mortar, honest-to-god store! (If I hadn’t written a blog post railing against excessive use of exclamation points on this very site, I would not be modest with my punctuation, I assure you.)

I’m not going to go into the details of how it happened—I certainly didn’t hold proprietor Reid Cain hostage in his shop with a Vlasic pickle until he caved and with a stormy bout of weeping pronounced that he would be honored to carry my book. Nor did I bribe him with a two-tiered chocolate-cheese fountain (first tier cheese, second tier chocolate). But if you happen to be in SLO, or happen to be passing through, or happen to be looking for an excuse to buy a plane ticket to SLO, this is reason enough. I should note that the book costs $9, which is $3 cheaper than the list price on Amazon (plus you don’t have to pay shipping AND you get to hang out in a cool comic book store). Viva commerce!


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