Meet Emily…

I’ve successfully resisted the urge to post finished artwork, book covers, maps, etc. And, believe me, that has not been easy. Seeing Emily (my protagonist) for the first time was a strange, beautiful epiphany. I have the privilege of working with so many talented artists on a daily basis that when the time came to look for an illustrator, cover designer, and map maker I didn’t have to look very far. I turned to artists with whom I have worked before, and who I trust implicitly. And I’m relieved/ proud/ ecstatic/ smug to say this strategy paid off. And I feel so very much like a child at Christmas, both excited about the gift she has received, but more excited about the gift she wants to share. So, in lieu of leaking covers and completed illustrations, I’m posting just one image. It’s not a finished image (which I have, but am waiting patiently, and uncharacteristically to share). It’s Emily. As imagined by artist Lena Rushing, who will be showing Emily and a second Scourge of the Righteous Haddock shadowbox at the Steynberg Gallery in SLO this September. 1062580_10201506670014776_1115036639_n



  1. […] a year. I wonder what I will think and feel when I hear it, and I keep going back to that moment when I first saw Emily’s face, after Lena Rushing created the collage that would become central to the cover of my book. The […]

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