I, personally, generally eschew ampersands; This line’s a bit florid; Pippi Longstocking?

After reveling shamelessly in positive notes Ryan Miller left on my manuscript, I am being an ethical journalist and revealing the flip side of the editing pen: the notes that leave you wincing, and scrambling to make corrections long after your appointed bedtime. Of course, a dozen-odd photographs of “Ital.” or “singular/ plural” might get a little boring–not to mention depressing–so I made a point of including some of the more bizarre comments I discovered in my manuscript. With context, they make perfect sense. But they’re funnier without explanation, so that is how I will leave them.

A-Eddie Izzard




Doesn't quite work






her eyes did?




jumped the shark






Pippi Longstocking!!




singular: plural


slugs aren't


the star?


This line's a bit florid



  1. Lol thanks Eddie Izzard!

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