Ha!; Very funny; Mmm…nice; I liked all this

Is it misleading to post only the good comments an editor wrote into the margins of my manuscript? A little. But I’m mitigating that fact by acknowledging that the good comments–“I really like this exchange,” “Absolutely!” and “My favorite line so far”–are far outnumbered by reminders to italicize something or questions about whether to make something singular or plural. Of course I hold on to the positive comments, of course I’m thrilled by a comment as mundane as “very funny.” I worked hard for that “very funny,” so I’m going to take pride in it. The photos below depict comments Ryan Miller wrote on my manuscript. (Lest anyone get the false impression that his notes were all kittens and flattery, I promise to post photos of some of the less favorable comments … later.)



Good image2


Great line3


Great stuff, descriptive




I like this


I liked all this


I really like this exchange




My favorite quote so far




Very Funny


Very good line








  1. Love it all! Can’t wait to read it!

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