I’m an advertising machine (apparently)!

Well, not me, but my site. I hadn’t given much thought to the possibility of my site being used to shill well, anything; I tend to view this space as an extension of myself and if I’m no use in marketing, then it shouldn’t be either. Then a friend who currently lives in Paris posted the following to my Facebook wall:


I have to admit I’m completely smitten with the unintentional irony. I’m sure Winnie the Pooh celebrates and loves legitimate and illegitimate children alike, but I find it unlikely that a discussion of legitimacy was the purpose behind Disney’s ad. In fact, I very much doubt that Disney is invested in conversation of any significant social, political,or moral issues. Of course, my book’s illegitimate origins were never intended to turn into a conversation at all. It was simply something funny, that struck me as terribly apt, that someone happened to have said.

But while I’m on this mental aside, I can’t help but hope that time has/ will render the term “illegitimate” utterly archaic, at least in reference to children.Given the state of the publishing industry, the number of illegitimate novels (by Anna’s definition, at least) has skyrocketed in recent years, and is only likely to increase. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer like sex education to counteract this particular epidemic. For better or worse, my first novel, and quite possibly each of those to follow, will be a bastard, according to the strictest definition of the word. But I’d like to think my readers won’t care any more than Winnie the Pooh seems to care that the child referenced in my blog post was metaphorically illegitimate.



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